Many farmers still use the tried and true way to keep inventory and maintenance records – by writing them down in a notebook!

Co-creator of the TractorPal app, South Dakota-based farmer Keith King, remembers that “notebook” well. King grew up on a farm and his grandfather always kept a notebook full of records in his pocket. As the years went on and he became a farmer himself, he noticed that no one had tried to improve upon this old school way of keeping records. King, along with longtime friend Erik Schlimmer, decided to create a system of record keeping that would still fi t into his grandfather’s pocket – The TractorPal App.

Despite the name, this app isn’t limited to tractors. The TractorPal app can be used to track any machinery’s maintenance records. With the TractorPal app, farmers can log all of their machinery, large and small. The app tracks each unit by Serial Number, Make, Model, Year, purchase date, price, and original miles/hours. You can also upload a photo of the machinery along with a record of each item’s maintenance history. One of the great features of this app is the maintenance reminder option. After inputting all of the pertinent information about the machinery, the user has the ability to set service alert reminders to ensure they never miss a required service.

The convenience of the TractorPal app is hard to deny. Now, whenever farmers are in need of a new part, they simply pull out their phone and rattle off either the serial number of the machine or the actual part number. In addition to that, the TractorPal app comes in handy when it’s time to sell a piece of machinery. The app allows users to instantly create a PDF that contains all of the pertinent information on the machinery, as well as photos and maintenance history. You can even send it to a potential buyer with the click of a button.

The TractorPal app is available for both iPhone and Android phones. If you’d like to take the app for a test drive before committing to the purchase, TractorPal allows users to log one piece of equipment for free. Once you’re convinced, $9.99 gives you the ability to log an unlimited amount of machinery. Currently, Android users can back up their information to the cloud for safekeeping and TractorPal has announced that they will be offering cloud backup for the iPhone later this year.

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