The 650K Crawler Dozer from John Deere

The 650K Crawler Dozer from John Deere, Now Available with SmartGrade Capabilities!

One of America’s foremost manufacturers of construction equipment, John Deere Construction & Forestry recently announced the inclusion of SmartGrade capabilities on their 650K range of dozers. These will now join high-end models such as the 700K, 750K, and 850K dozers.

John Deere construction equipment is known for delivering the sound quality that is trusted by construction professionals across the globe. The new technology is known to improve job site accuracy and work quality and provide precise performance while eliminating the need for external masts and cables at the job site.

John Deere products are used in a number of construction jobs as well as road repair and maintenance. Dozers, also known as bulldozers, are one of the most extensively used equipment in the construction industry. These diesel-powered tractors are standard machines used for dozing and land clearing, and of course, these massive machines are also used for scrapper disposal purposes.

It’s not surprising that John Deere has made a name for itself in the construction industry and the new SmartGrade capabilities will add to the prestige of the company and its products. Integrated SmartGrade capabilities render blade-mount sensor installations completely unnecessary. This reduces the setup time and speeds up the work for the operators.

The new SmartGrade models are an answer to pertinent customer requests. John Deere’s clients have been vocal about their needs for smaller and more powerful dozers, and the 650K model is an attempt to fulfill these requirements. The smaller dozer comes complete with powerful features of its bigger versions. This includes low ground pressure configurations as well as the extra-long track, i.e., XLT is now available on all 4 models.

What sets SmartGrade apart from its counterparts in the market, is its ability to identify soil type and automatically adjust the machine to new terrain. This frees up considerable time for the operators who no longer have to change the blades manually. It is also possible to select the application type by grading, cutting, spreading. Operators can also choose the load setting and soil conditions to minimize the chances of slippage considerably.

With the SmartGrade feature, these dozers now need fewer passes to get the job done, while also reducing wear and tear of the undercarriage at the same time. The technology is now proven to be more accurate and reliable than conventional masted systems.

The brand new 650K SmartGrade equipped dozer has a powerful engine, i.e., the 104 hp EPA Final Tier 4 engine. In this day and age, fleet managers and construction site workers require better security and smarter control of the bulldozers. The SmartGrade range of dozers delivers all that and a lot more.

These machines also come charged up with Ultimate Uptime. While the cab-forward designs make the dozer safer and enhance the visibility for the operator. Total Machine Control is another revolutionary new component that comes packed with the dozer. This standard feature offers comfort and customization for owners. The value-added feature also gives owners access to thorough pre-delivery and follow-up inspection services in addition to five years of JDLink telematics, remote diagnostics machine health prognostics and programming capabilities.

This new wave of construction equipment from John Deere is easy-to-use for novice operators and offers unbridled controls for more experienced users. More importantly, it provides complete protection of the massive investment mandated in construction equipment.



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