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When it comes to combating wildfires, tree service companies like the California-based Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc. are vital to help ensure the safety of nearby inhabitants. Throughout the year, residential customers will hire them to clear brush in order to avoid encouraging any impending wildfires to spread. Once wildfire season kicks into high gear, tree service workers are deployed to help with a myriad of issues.

When the King Fire of 2014 scorched over 97,000 acres of land in El Dorado County, California, people turned to Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc. to help with the aftermath. Even after the flames died down, the hazards remained in the form of scorched trees with weakened roots. These trees pose the risk of falling and causing not only property damage, but fatalities as well. So the specialists at Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc. removed the trees, and salvaged what they could of the burned wood.

As a tree service company that specializes in utility work, they already had an existing relationship with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), a utility provider for central and northern California. PG&E came to them for help with fallen trees near power lines during the 2015 wildfires in California.

When power lines fall, they need to be dealt with immediately as they pose a serious risk to anyone nearby. While most tree care workers are not qualified to work near energized power lines, Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc. employs qualified utility lines clearance professionals, who are legally permitted to work within 10 feet of power lines.

While many of the employees at Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc. are trained to respond to wildfires, they also spend time trying to prevent them. Many wildfires are caused by trees coming in to contact with power lines and igniting. Each year utility companies around the country spend millions hiring companies like Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc. to prune or cut down any trees that pose a risk of interfering with power lines. However, despite their best efforts, 9 percent of wildfires have been caused by power lines.

Controlled burns are also an important factor for reducing the incidence of wildfires. Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc. assists with these burns by creating firebreaks. These breaks define the boundaries of the burn area and maintain safety. While some firebreaks are naturally occurring, the professionals at Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc. create artificial firebreaks by removing vegetation and exposing soil to keep the fire under control.

Outside of responding to wildfires and preventing future fires, workers at Mountain F. Enterprises also specialize in right-of-way clearing, gas line clearance, brush chipping, biomass chipping, logging, removing fallen limbs or trees and many other services. With a staff comprised of professional foresters, certified arborists and line clearance professionals coupled with 25 years of experience in the tree service business, it seems that there’s no tree-related issue they can’t tackle.

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