MultiOne Equipment

The multifunctional compact loader that wants to meet your every need.
By Jordan Snyder

Throughout history, there have been numerous inventions that make you wonder how it took us so long to come up with them. The can opener was invented 45 years after the can. Doorknobs didn’t come around until 1878, and screwdrivers were invented three centuries after the first slot-topped screw. Once you learn about the capabilities of a Multione multifunctioning compact loader, you would wonder why any contractor would not have one. Multione is a product of the Italy-based company CSF, which first began producing the machine in 1998. During its inception, creators set out to build a machine with interchangeable attachments that would allow the user to complete the tasks of numerous different machines using just one. They continued to innovate, adding more capabilities as they went along. Today, Multione has 185 different attachments to help users get the job done, no matter the task. With that, Multione earned the nickname “The Swiss Army Knife of Machines.” It was only in 2014 that Multione was introduced to the US market, establishing a headquarters in Springfield, MO.

Multione is small, but mighty. Its compact size and sturdy articulated frame allows for maximum maneuverability in compact spaces while maintaining excellent stability on rough ground and slopes. The ergonomically designed driver’s seat offers comfort for operators of all shapes and sizes, and positioning the seat on the front frame coupled with standard work lights offers maximum visibility while working day or night.

Multione is also a safe machine, including a heavy duty steel ROPS to ensure complete protection of the operator. One of the unique features of the loader is the telescopic “H” boom. It is capable of significant extensions, allowing the user to reach the furthest points as well as areas that are not easily accessible. A self-leveling system allows this small wonder to lift heavy loads, up to 3,500 pounds, while keeping it leveled to the ground, without the operator having to continuously correct the position with a joystick. The machine is designed to provide traction in conditions like ice or mud, while being gentle enough to work on delicate grounds or lawns. With the sheer volume of attachments available, there’s no job this machine can’t tackle. Lawn maintenance workers can mow lawns, trim hedges, clean driveways, dig trenches, prepare seed beds, and even send trimmings through a bio-composting system. Farmers can prepare soil, clean stables and feed their livestock. Construction workers can drill, lift, load and unload building materials and even mix concrete – all with one simple machine.

With all those capabilities, it’s no wonder that Multione is touted as a money-saving machine that maximizes productivity. Now that it is available in the US, the newest version, the GT960KDI model, could solve a major problem for many equipment owners. The new Multione model is Tier 4 Final compliant, all without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This is thanks to engine components made by Kohler, including their exclusive direct injections system, cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxygenated catalyst (DOC). This makes Multione an even bigger money saver. Not only has the overall power of the machine increased, the fuel consumption has decreased and because the engine doesn’t need DPF to be deemed compliant, operators won’t have to worry about the future cost of replacing the component once it’s full of ash.

Multione is currently in the process of expanding within the US and is looking for more US dealers. Though the Swiss Army knife of machines is still new to the US market, it stands to make a significant impact on the way we work and the versatility we expect from our equipment.

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