Kenworth Introduces All Wheel Drive T880

Looking to diversify the specifications of its modular heavy-duty truck offerings in the market, Kenworth, has added an impressive All wheel drive feature to its T880 model.

This feature is a welcome addition to this already powerful truck, which offers immense versatility, convenience and power to work marvelously in nearly all types of terrain with the same degree of effectiveness rendered in operating capability.

To save time on delivery and reduce the costs, the front drive axle, which provides the truck with the capability to become an all-wheel drive, is introduced to the vehicle at the Kenworth Factory.

An all-wheel drive’s main functionality comes into play in the area of improving dexterity and increasing torque power, making the truck more capable of advancing through rough terrain   than ones with conventional back wheel drive capabilities.

Announced last September, the front axle configuration entered production just last month as the first T880s to be fitted with the capability rolled onto the line.

This truck, according to company officials, would be highly suitable for use in areas like oil fields and it could also be configured to provide for needs as an off road crane. It can alternatively be used for fire/rescue and municipalities along with conventional construction and utility work.

The front drive axle on the T880 is The Marmon Herrington MT-22 and is currently available to buyers in 6×6 and 8×8 class 8 configurations. Capable of handling a capacity rating of up to 22,000 pounds, this new feature requires a Fabco Transfer case. The Fabco’s 1 speed TC- 142 and 2-speed TC 143 transfer cases are available for the transfers, subject to the requirements and assessments of the customer.

In another related development, another model of the T880 series, the T880s has gone on the production line in March and is expected to replace the W900S with extra features and configurations including the front wheel drive as well.

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