John Deere Revamps its L-Series Backhoes

The John Deere “L-Series” backhoe loaders just received a major revamp.The L Series Lineup got a major revamp, making them more efficient challenging conditions.

The updates come two years after the L series was introduced. These updates are designed to help boost sales figures in the upcoming months with the buying mostly being led by utility contractors – the most eager buyers of the L series backhoe loaders.

Company sources say that the changes in design and functionality of the backhoes were decided after a lengthy consultation with industry stakeholders including fleet managers & owners. The inclusion of interested parties in the discussion ensured that the updates met their requirements. After all, taking a huge risk with design updates at such a crucial juncture of the year is not always the best thing.

Because the new updates and design revamps are focused on increasing productivity while reducing slack time, the revamped L series will enjoy much more industry confidence as we run into the crucial second half of 2017.

Perhaps the most prominent revamp is the addition of a dedicated “precision mode”, which can be brought into work by a push of a button.

The precision mode will help reduce the speed of the hydraulic functions of the backhoes, making it less jittery when operated. This mode will be present on the 410L, 710L & 310L models as a standard feature, making them capable of handling more intricate work that demands more precision and detailing like maneuvering tighter bends in residential construction or when digging a trench near power or utility lines. The best part about this new feature is that it makes the excavator easier to operate and will be the best fit for newcomers, who are not experienced to control the jitters of conventional backhoes.

A new Sealed Switch mode is a welcome addition as it has been designed to facilitate the use of a rear hydraulic coupler through integrated controls.

A 16 percent increase in the metering range has also been made possible through a redesigned controller module. Along with these significant outwardly operational design changes, the internal mechanisms have also been reworked to reduce the oscillation and provide a more consistent transition through the cycle of deceleration and acceleration.

Lastly, the simplest but probably the most overlooked problem in backhoe functionality has also been addressed by John Deere in its L series redesign program. The revamped backhoe will now have a better hydraulic thumb option.  The addition of a better hydraulic option would allow the revamped backhoes to lift heavy objects that cannot be handled by conventional backhoes.

Furthermore, lifting heavy and irregular objects will now be assisted by a bucket cutting edge that has been completely redone to reduce the bluntness of the contact points of the backhoes.

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