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John Deere introduces the new L-Series Wheel loaders to handle tougher terrain and more

John Deere, one of the most trusted heavy equipment & machinery manufacturers in the world never fails to impress. The latest addition to the pack is an upgrade on its highly renowned L-series line of wheel loaders. Enter Models 240L and 304L, the most gritty, resilient, versatile, sturdy and robust wheel loaders to come into the market this year.

These new wheel loaders pack a powerful punch regarding operating power as they are both equipped with Final Tier 4 Yanmar Engines, with the 240L and 304L coming in 62 hp and 67 hp configurations respectively. These new wheel loaders more formidable than their predecessors and allow contractors to get tasks done with more grit than ever before.

You can expect these loaders to be quieter with an upgraded engine. The hydrostatic transmissions in both of the wheel loaders have been reconfigured to be more fuel efficient, with no compromise on power or torque.

Both units have the option to re-adjust its height to less than 2.4 meters whenever required. It is a great machine for areas where there is not much space left overhead to work efficiently.

Differential locks that deploy automatically are also present at both ends of the wheel loaders. This allows the driver to have the support of increased traction in slippery conditions, making it easier to carry heavy loads, even in harsh conditions.

These units also have optional ride control, which drastically reduces the chances of material guzzling out of the loader if the terrain is uneven.

Stability is one of the most significant benefits of the 240L and 304L models. You can choose between an open cab or an enclosed cab with both giving you excellent all-around visibility.

The interior cooling system has also seen drastic improvements to keep things manageable for the machine operator even if the temperature is high. And that’s not all you’re getting in the deal.

The new models are super easy to maintain with ground level service access points and self-adjusting brakes.

The service intervals have also extended to ensure less downtime for hydraulic and engine oil changes. Even the auxiliary hydraulic control has been reconfigured and transformed into a joystick that will allow for ever more comfort when operating these machines.

Compatible with more than 100 John Deere Worksite Pro attachments, you can rest assured that the L-Series Loaders have what it takes to get the job done!

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