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Innovation in the Industry: The Pro Handler Telescoping Skid Steer

One of the biggest letdowns in the world of construction equipment has been the slowness in innovation and the ineptness of firms to address the mechanical and design limitations of their machines. However, The Pro Handler, telescoping skid steer by Extend manufacturing, has much more to offer in terms of additional capabilities than your average skid steer.

Extend Manufacturing has built the Pro Handler as a proof of concept and it features an extremely impressive extendable rear section that comes out to help spread the center of balance, thus enabling the Pro Handler to increase its load capacity. The Pro Handler hydraulic powered four wheel drive also has an extendable boom which allows it to dump over high truck side walls.

Offering a 19 feet tall aerial working platform along with a 14-foot telehandler, this new skid steer will offer better efficiency and far better stability than any of its market competitors when it comes to getting the work done. Extendable front and rear sections, when fully initiated, transform the Pro-Handler into a formidable rough terrain handler. Normally skid steers are highly unstable, especially when carrying bigger loads, but the Pro Handler is not going to tip over that easily.

Attachments like snow blowers, buckets, and augers can also be fitted to The Pro Handler, like any other regular skid steer. The design is meant to provide a one-stop solution for small scale workers and owners. The Pro Handler will allow them to not only lift large amounts of dirt and gravel and move them around faster and safer, but it will also let them reach higher with a boom that measures 164 inches to the hinge pin when fully extended.

Normally buyers are concerned with the sliding mechanisms of extendable additions to machines, but the Pro Handler comes with high-density plastic pads that help the machine run without friction when extending through the sliding portions. The extendable rear base is powered by a hydraulic cylinder fitter on a telescoping tube.

To avoid breaching the restriction limits for diesel emissions, market-ready production models will stay below 75 horsepower. However, the current prototype is running on an 85 horsepower engine.

The machine currently has a working load of 5000 pounds but the official tipping weight has not yet been released by the firm. Extend is now looking to secure investors after the impressive debut of its prototype and is also extending its financing options for The Pro handler through crowd funding sources.

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