FireFly Equipment ProSlab-155

Initially, the minds behind the ProSlab 155 set out to improve the harvester they used for their own turf farm. They created a new kind of depth control that would allow the operator to change the depth of their cut with the push of a button. After testing their creation for months, they found it continued to perform well without the need for maintenance. In 2010, they began selling it as an aftermarket product for harvesters. And with that, they created FireFly Equipment, a company that merges experience with innovation to create high-performance machinery.

As demand continued to grow, they realized this could be a great business opportunity. So, they started working on designs for an automated slab harvester. They created a cost effective machine from the ground up that would be able to harvest in all conditions. It’s user-friendly and has the ability to stack perfectly neat pallets quickly, in virtually any soil condition and grass variety.

In 2013, FireFly Equipment moved into its own factory to produce the ProSlab 155 turf harvesters. Soon word about the versatile turf harvester got out and the orders started to pile up. In August of 2015, FireFly Equipment closed their two smaller facilities in Utah to move to a manufacturing space that was twice the size in North Salt Lake, Utah.

The first thing that really sets the fully automated, self-propelled turf grass harvester apart, is its fuel economy. The ProSlab 155 uses a 4.5 liter Tier III John Deer Turbo Engine that is vibration isolated and runs at low RPM’s, providing excellent fuel efficiency. All systems were designed with conserving fuel in mind, greatly reducing downtime to refuel the 60-gallon tank.

The electric stacker featured on the ProSlab 155 is one of the best in the industry. Dubbed the Electric Synchro Stacker, this patent-pending electrically driven stacker is the smoothest, fastest and most accurate stacker available. Using a simple hook system, the stacker is equipped to take on any soil and grass types such as Bermuda, St. Augustine, Bluegrass, Buffalo Grass, and more.

The ProSlab 155 is also the only automated slab harvester that allows the operator to change pallets without stopping.

The ProSlab 155 uses rotated tie-in layers to produce perfectly square and stable pallets without having to compress them. The ability to rotate slabs means the operator won’t have to offset slabs from side to side to achieve square sided pallets like they would with many other machines. The ProSlab 155 is also the only automated harvester on the market that offers the exact styles of slabs and pallet configurations traditionally used by hand stack machines.

When harvesting turf, the ProSlab 155 has two mode options. The first is the Single- Slab Mode, where the machine will pick up one slab at a time equal to the full length of the pallet being used. The second, Multi-Slab Mode, is where the ProSlab 155 kicks productivity into high gear, allowing the stacker to carry multiple pieces each time it moves to the pallet. The Multi-Slab Mode offers a 16”x24” cut in two different modes. Either 16”x24”, which allows the stacker to pick up two pieces at a time, or 24”x16”, which allows the stacker to pick up three pieces at a time. Slabs are cut into blocks and multiple pieces are brought together so the stacker can utilize its exclusive multi-piece pickup system to carry multiple pieces each time it moves to the pallet, increasing productivity exponentially.

Its high-capacity pallet magazine is simple to load and minimizes how often the operator has to stop to load pallets. The ProSlab 155 is also the only automated slab harvester that allows the operator to change pallets without stopping. The drop-on-the-fly pallet feature saves operators as much as 35 seconds per pallet, and at the end of a long day, that adds up. Thanks to their team of engineers, the ProSlab 155 features a first-of-its-kind electric cut off system that produces a clean cut at blazing fast speeds.

Lastly, because the team at FireFly knows what it’s like to spend hours cutting turf, the ProSlab 155 features a cab designed to provide the operator with optimal comfort. No more twisting or straining to keep your eye on the cutter head, as the air-ride seat swivels from front to back to easily gain a better vantage point. With conveniently placed cup holders, optional audio system and full climate control, operators will look forward to hopping into the cab.

At FireFly Equipment, the diverse team of engineers and turf farmers strikes the perfect balance between industry insight and innovation to create a product unlike any other.

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