Ditch Witch offers new tool for residential fiber installation, the MT9 Microtrencher

One of the biggest dilemmas faced by contractors occurs when they take up tasks in confined spaces. Most of the equipment they have is not suitable for working in confined areas.

Residential spaces are designed with ‘small’ open spaces which call for high dexterity on the part of the machines to finish the job without causing too many disruptions. And dexterity is what the new MT9 Microtrencher by Ditch Witch will provide.

A revolutionary product, the new MT9 Microtrencher is one of the best additions to the industry in the latter part of 2017. This latest, industry-first Microtrencher attachment is capable of performing the tasks of installing fiber optic cable in residential spaces in a cost-effective manner. More importantly, it works subtly and minimizes disruptions. It allows the work to be done in a much faster way than previously thought possible.

Notable Features:

• It can be fit easily on any Ditch Witch Mini Skid Steers as an external attachment, which eliminates the need for bringing along the cumbersome trenching machines for smaller installation tasks. This will help reduce the costs significantly while simultaneously allowing for work to be done quickly.

• The MT9 Microtrencher can dig a trench to a depth of 9 inches vertically, and on the horizontal front, the size can be varied from as small as 0.375 inches to a wider 1.5 inches.

• The precision based trenching technique will allow fiber optic installers to pave the way for fiber optic cables and wires in increasingly confined spaces like small alleyways and patios, thus enabling better accessibility.

• The cables will also be installed much shallower than they could be done previously, powering easier jobs when it’s time for maintenance or repairs. This also adds to the safety of the cables.

• The biggest problem in trenching for fiber optic cables for larger equipment was orienting the trencher every single time the trench was to take on a new direction. The MT9 Microtrencher will eliminate the need for pulling out the blade from the trench due to its double-edged blades, an addition that allows you to “Push or Pull” the machine at will.

• In addition to the MT9 Microtrencher, if the contractor uses the FX65 vacuum excavator, also designed by Ditch Witch, the trench could be cleaned as it is being dug up. This makes the job much easier for contractors. Fiber optic installations can now be done in far less time than was previously possible. The machine is designed to take care of each facet of the job in a compact and efficient manner.

• The patented plunging double-edged blade makes varied depth control at all stages of the job possible.

• The MT9 Microtrencher also provides more options to the contractor when it comes to power discretion, i.e., which type of blades he/she deems the most suitable for the job.

• A complete set of blades are available, designed exclusively for micro trenching tasks by Ditch Witch. You can get one with diamond embedded carbide or one that has carbide tips, depending on what you consider the best fit for your tasks. Different blades have different costs and varying degrees of usefulness.

• The best part of the new MT9 Microtrencher is that it will improve ROI significantly as it reduces the cost per foot significantly while installing fiber optic cables in residential spaces.

The MT9 Microtrencher can be a perfect addition to your collection. It is capable of extending its repertoire from fiber optic installation to other forms of wire installation, depending on the needs of the contractor.

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