Ditch Witch debuts the new AT40

Innovations in existing equipment technologies are hard to come by, often because they require extensive studies of what could make the machines performance better. Ditch Witch has a reputation for high quality machines and ever-evolving models that strive to meet the changing needs of customers.

Ditch Witch, is a company that specializes in all kinds of drilling equipment and has always been an industry favorite with its superior designs and consistent technological updates. Keeping in line with that reputation, Ditch Witch recently debuted its all-new HDD, i.e., the AT40 with an All-terrain Drilling System.

Unveiled at the ICUEE 2017 show in Louisville, Kentucky, this new and incredible HDD machine is built precisely on the same platform as its predecessor, i.e., JT40, also by Ditch Witch. The new AT40 features highly efficient design innovations which are sure to make it a hot seller in the industry!

Here are some of the design highlights from the All-New AT40:

  • The most prominent and perhaps the most impactful design innovation in the AT40 is the all-new, two pipe drilling system which is capable of working in all kinds of terrain and This system is much more capable of providing greater power while drilling into hard rocks. Both the pipes work in unison, improving efficiency and system productivity.
  1. Working as a mechanical motor while the bore is being drilled, the inner pipe drives the bit.
  2. The outer pipe, on the other hand, performs two primary Firstly, it provides incredible thrust to power the bit ahead when the drill shaft is being steered into place. Secondly, it guides full torque from the machine downwards as the process of back reaming takes place.
  3. This whole new addition will provide 33 percent more torque than what competing HDDs can achieve. The two pipe drilling system allows you to minimize your job cycle times and at the same time, empower you with much greater
  • The AT40 comes equipped with Tier 4 Cummins Diesel engine which is capable of generating a gross horsepower of 160. This means 14 percent extra strength than similar machines.
  • The powerful engine provides the AT40 with a thrust and pullback power of 40,000 pounds. That’s almost 30% more than what you can get on other similar machines in the same class.
  • With drill’s lift-off, swing open service doors, operators can gain easy access to maintenance
  • The cab has been customized and improved to a great extent, keeping in mind the driver’s comfort level without compromising on any aspect of control or functionality.
  • Featuring a telescoping cab that enhances the view of all surrounding operations, the cab is fully enclosed and provides the option of climate control to maximize operator comfort.
  • Equipped with All Terrain Radial Operator Control that will allow the operator to access all critical machine functions with improved dexterity, The AT40 comes with 2 LCD screens that are 7 inches in size to guarantee that the operator has a full view of essential features of machine and diagnostics during drill pipe installations.
  • Furthermore, the unique add-a-pipe design makes it easier for additional sticks to be added through manual insertion when pipe starts running out. To further reduce job cycle times, you can load almost 360 feet of pipe as the AT40 utilizes a 15 feet length drill pipe system.

This new machine will undoubtedly cement Ditch Witch’s position as one of the top specialized drilling equipment manufacturing firms in the U.S. It will also allow the brand to boost its sales. The AT40 looks to become an industry best seller in the next quarter as its design features and ability to improve job efficiency will help users achieve a whole new level of productivity.

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