Connected Farm the Future of Farm Management

Farmers, crop consultants and agricultural professionals are often tasked with processing field data, with the use of technology, to help increase their crop yields. Estimates based on crop quality, field size (acres), nature of soil, water availability/need for irrigation and prevailing weather conditions are all needed to make informed decisions for their farms. For a long time, it seemed like monitoring crop health, farming equipment and managing limitless data exchange between the head office and the fields was not humanly possible. However, with Connected Farm, staying on top of your data could not get any easier.

Connected Farm is a profitability software program that brings all the measures of agricultural growth and viability on to one platform, giving farmers a full analysis of the various factors at play with their crops. Connected Farm is not just one single app, but a series of apps all designed for specific needs on the farm. The ‘Connected Farm Field App’ helps transfer data from the field and can be installed on your smartphone or tablet. The app instantly transfers data to your Connected Farm account where profit/loss information can be viewed for the entire operation. The ‘Connected Farm Scout App’ uses GPS to map fields and allows you to enter important scouting information. Not only does the app allow you to map areas, flags and field boundaries, but you can also use it to capture images of pests, weeds or diseases while charting the severity of the problems and current crop conditions. The ‘Connected Farm Fleet App’ lets you monitor your entire fleet from any location with your smartphone or tablet. Whether you want to view fleet positions, receive geo-fence and curfew alerts or view the historical positions of your fleet, this app can help you. Finally, the ‘Connected Farm Irrigate App’ helps minimize farmers’ efforts in ensuring that the entire farm is uniformly irrigated by managing central pivot points in real time. This app will save you multiple trips to the field by allowing you to control the application schedule, the direction, heading pressure voltage and material applied to the field. You can even switch the type of material, whether it be effluent or water, all from your smartphone or tablet.

Each app is free to download to whatever device you prefer, as long as you have a Connected Farm subscription via their website. Connected Farm offers two options, their free option includes unlimited secure storage, unlimited users per farm, the ability to map field boundaries with basic precision mapping features, upload field data from a USB, basic fleet management, access to Connected Farm Field and Scout apps and reports on the profit/loss per field and crop year. For those looking for a little more, Connected Farm’s standard package is priced at $1.75 per acre and includes everything in the free package as well as advanced precision mapping, advanced fleet management, unlimited in-season crop health, unlimited processing of UAV imagery as well as fleet and task data from other supported platforms. The service is available for desktop software and can be accessed via tablets on Android and iOS operating platforms.

This record-keeping app is one of a kind and has enough versatility to cater to all crop types, giving an accurate estimate of field profitability during the growing season. Farming has come a long way since the days when your best bet at predicting the future was thumbing through the most recent copy of The Farmer’s Almanac. With the advent of new technologies, the guesswork has been taken out of the equation when it comes to getting the highest crop yield possible. Today, all that stands between you and getting the highest yield with the least amount of effort is creating an account with Connected Farm.

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