Camso Unveils Two New Skid Steer Tire Models

Industries that deploy heavy machinery are always looking for specialized solutions for their distinctive problems and manufacturers seldom come up with innovative equipment to help the unique issues faced by the construction and excavation sectors. When they do, the new products need to be well designed and geared to serve their purpose in a highly efficient and effective way.

The two new skid steer tire models introduced by the heavy tire maker Camso, are one of those specialized solutions. They are optimized for use in the most difficult working conditions and are engineered to perfection.

Every working surface is different and Camso’s new skid steer tire models address that problem. The SKS 352 is built to provide a better grip and higher traction on softer terrain and soils, while the new SKS 753 will be the best tire option for use on hard, rough and mixed surfaces.

Features of the Innovative SKS Tire Series:
With a non-directional tread pattern and a high lug to void ratio, the new SKS 753 will provide increased protection on harder surfaces and therefore help increase the life of the tire by 30 percent over its predecessor, i.e. Solideal Hauler SKZ. Durability is the main USP of this tire and it will be great for improving mobility to much rough surfaces.

Specifically engineered for softer surfaces, the SKS 532 will make for improved traction and will get a good grip through an extra deep directional tread with specially designed curved lugs. It also has an exceptionally good Void guard which will help to reduce failures and punctures.

Increasing Profitability:
Construction and equipment rental firms will see an increase in profitability due to these versatile tires. They will last longer and perform better, irrespective of the job or terrain.

Customized Tire Solutions
Equipment tires are not like cars tires, there is no “One size fits all” scenario. These commercial entities need to have unique products to cater to their unique applications. Camso, who recently merged with Solideal, has been a big player in helping firms realize that aim with its specially designed, high-quality products.

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