Bobcat intros new undercarriage on M2-Series T870 CTLs

Any compact loader operator would tell you that the hardest part of the job is to combat the jitteriness of the machine while handling routine tasks such as grading and lifting. Most of this jitteriness is caused by the instability of torsion suspension beam because traditionally all manufacturers roll out machines with just a 4 link torsion suspension undercarriage and this torsion suspension system makes the equipment unstable at its lateral ends.

But Bobcat has brought out a new revolutionary concept that would make compact loaders a whole lot easier to operate. Much of the stress is believed to release through an inbuilt new addition called the 5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage system thereby reducing jitteriness and increasing stability.

5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage

Bobcat debuted its new 5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage system on its M2 series T870 CTLs by adding the fifth link through an ingenious engineering feat to the rear axle.

The fifth link at the rear axle would help increase driver comfort while making the machine more versatile to work on a wide variety of loads.

A solid cast – single piece spindle amount would provide the undercarriage design with a seamless stress distribution mechanism by eliminating welds, which were an awful design necessity of similar compact loaders from other manufacturers.

But the best part of this new and improved compact loader series is that it will feature a new and much more improved drive motor that will be intrinsically lubricated from inside the machine through the hydraulic system. It will also have a larger rear idler that will provide it with more traction, hence increasing its downward force significantly, providing even more stability.

However, the improvements don’t stop there.

The gearbox is now powered by a 15% broader shaft and includes a new reservoir design. The rubber tracks have also been increased in size to provide more downward force to the undercarriage when combined with enlarged front and rear idlers.

So now, whether it’s softer ground like sand or muddy and damp areas, Bobcat’s M2 series T870 CTLs would never make you feel unfit for the task at hand. More importantly, your equipment will operate with immense ease in every possible working condition without compromising on comfort levels. 

How the new M2 series T870 CTLs will improve work?

No one wants to operate a machine that can’t handle the stress of the job, and that’s exactly what makes the contemporary compact loaders of today, so cumbersome to run on job sites.

Bobcat’s M2 series T870 CTLs will significantly improve the working conditions for operators as their new features are more than just fancy design additions. They have been specially engineered for better performance and increased comfort thereby reducing costs and improving the machine’s lifespan.

New features like the 5 link torsion suspension undercarriage and larger dual flanged front idlers would remarkably improve the ride over all types of terrain, making the compact loader capable of performing at its best irrespective of the work environment.

The loaders already provide the highest lifting capabilities among their contemporaries, and now they even provide comfort through reduced maintenance needs, easier cleanout of tracks and increase lifespan.

This new compact loader series by Bobcat is designed to improve durability standards while allowing you to stay in the machine for more extended time periods and get the tasks done much faster than expected. To yield the most out of your lifting jobs, you definitely need to try one of these beautiful machines soon for an unprecedented operating experience like never before.

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