5 types of must have construction equipment

5 types of must have construction equipment

There are multiple types of equipment when it comes to construction. Some have only one use while for others there are various overlapping uses. If your company is looking to work on some heavy duty projects, here’s a list of 5 types of equipment which, when added to the fleet, will work as great assets.

  1. Excavators

Excavators are a must have for construction. They are available on both wheels and on tracks. A conventional excavator has a boom, dipper, bucket and a cab which are over the rotating platform. Few of the uses of excavators are: Digging of any sort, material handling, demolition, mining and drilling shafts etc.

  1. Bulldozers

Bulldozers are one of the most commonly used construction equipment on the field. They can be found on sites such as: mines, military bases, engineering projects and even farms. They are mainly used to move dirt or large quantities of rubble and soil, alongside crushing larger boulders.  A bulldozer consists of a wide blade known as the claw which can be moved in a limited capacity by two hydraulic pistons.

  1. Motor Graders

Motor graders are also referred to as road graders or even graders. They are construction equipment with large blades which are used to prepare the surface as flat, beforehand. The simplest motor grader will have three axles. The cab and engine are situated above the rear axles while the third one sits in the front with a blade in between. Motor graders are often used for removal of snow in some countries, while in others, they are used on ranches, large farms and plantations. They can also be used to create slope surfaces as well as digging drainage ditches with shallow V-sections.

  1. Trenchers

Trenchers are construction equipment used to dig trenches for the purpose of laying down pipelines, electrical pipes or even installing drainage. They come in various ranges and sizes. Some of the types of trenchers are as follows:

  • Wheel Trencher

They are mounted on tracks or rubber tires and can be used to cut wheel works by clearing the soil. They are ideal for soft construction sites.

  • Chain Trencher

It is used to cut ground which is too hard.  It helps in cutting narrow and deep trenches in rural areas with a chain.

  • Micro Trencher

They are much more convenient as they are operated by radio and are in a reduced size which helps in minimizing traffic. It is ideal for busy urban areas.

Trenchers must be used with serious care as they can prove to be fairly dangerous in certain circumstances.

  1. Loaders

A loader is construction equipment which is used to move heavy duty material like demolition debris, snow, gravel, rock, sand and woodchips etc. onto another equipment like that of a dump truck or a railroad car.  They typically contain an adjustable shovel. The shovel is used to lift material and digging purposes. They can be used on both rural and urban areas and are considered to be smaller when compared to other construction equipment listed above.

Loaders can be differentiated into two types: track loaders and wheel loaders. As the names suggest, track loaders work on tracks while the wheel loaders work on wheels. Track loaders can lift, push on a larger site as of its large capacity. Wheel loaders can perform the same tasks but at a greater speed. The only disadvantage wheel loaders have is that since their weight is not distributed fairly like that of track loaders, they tend to leave marks behind on the construction site.

With the must-have mentioned above, few other equipment can prove to be useful as well. These are: skidders, compactors, dump trucks.

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