XD 25 HD Truck

Western Star Unveils XD-25 HD Truck

Off-road machinery has to be gritty enough if it’s to survive the extremely tough conditions it has to handle while hauling heavy loads. The main concern of buyers in the off-road machinery niche has always been the capability of the machine to keep the loads going while keeping the costs down. Despite a large number of options available in the market, not a lot of them are promising enough. However, the new XD-25 HD Truck, revealed by Western Star during its 50th-anniversary event in Phoenix, is one of the best dedicated off-road trucks to hit the market in recent times.

This truck is tough and immensely versatile, coming with an Allison Off Road Series (ORS) transmission and planetary gear sets and either a Tier 3 Series 60 or Detroit DD13 engine, making it highly capable of carrying its declared 25 tons of haulage capacity on off-road terrains with ease.

Heavy duty track rods control the springs, as part of a double slippered spring suspension system, providing maximized clearance heights and better handling. This system also allows the spring packs to easily slope on the wear pads, eliminating the problems of shock loading.

On the maintenance front, this truck provides immensely easy engine access through a butterfly hood and also features a quick disconnect system that allows for one piece removal of the air cleaner along with the full fender. For easing electrical work, it has an in-cab fuse panel along with a highly smooth point to point wiring array system. Diagnosing problems and facilitating preventive maintenance is crucial for off-road vehicles. This Xtreme Duty (XD) 25 Truck by Western Star is a major breakthrough in off-road truck design engineering in terms of providing easy access to all major components of the truck.

Even with the ease in accessing different parts of the truck, the need for preventative maintenance will be low for owners due to the planetary gear sets and exemplary transmission systems that will haul the heavy loads on a rear 70,000 pound tandem axle and a 22000 pound  front axle. This makes it easier to haul smaller-medium loads with increasing efficiency and despite this, the XD-25 has a surprisingly short turning radius.

Kelley Platt, President of Western Star Trucks said: “The XD-25 provides yet another extreme duty option for customers who tackle the toughest challenges, These units are specifically designed to handle off-road jobs without compromising fuel economy and cycle time efficiency.”

She further noted the cost efficiencies that the new product intended to provide, “Our customers want an off-road solution that has great ton-per-mile (TPM) savings, and a lower purchase price over conventional articulated equipment. The XD-25 OFFROAD’s low maintenance design and versatile platform configurations deliver on performance every time.”


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