The V300 VSI Crusher from Actech

The main focus of Advanced Crusher Technologies (ACTECH, Inc.) is increasing uptime and assisting all crushing, recycling, washing, and materials movement operators. The Woodland, Washington-based company was established by Brett Rose in January of 1998. Additionally, many of the engineering and fabrication personnel have been in the business of designing, manufacturing, and servicing processing equipment since the 1980s.

With a background in wear parts coming out of its Dallesport Foundry facility, ACTECH has expanded its product and services lineup to better solve a greater range of customer problems. Current products and services for aggregate producers include screen media, crusher wear parts, power transmissions, and custom fabrication works.

The company serves aggregate, recycling, mining, and wood waste companies and service providers based in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Hawaii, and Northern California. Following the discovery of the Bakken Oil Deposit, ACTECH’s support was also recently extended to the Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota Markets. With multiple product lines available, and acting as a distributor for dozens of brands of other locally produced equipment, the company also has clients as far away as Florida, Canada, and Mexico.

ACTECH’s Model V300 Portable Vertical Shaft Impact (VSI) Crusher is one tool in their own lineup of VSI Crushers and support equipment. As a machine primarily used to make gravel and concrete, the V300’s heavy duty design and steel on steel configuration uses velocity and impact to maximize production and reduce the size of fed minerals.

ACTECH’s Model V300 Portable VSI Crusher does more than just make gravel, it can also improve the shape of your product. A dry scrubbing action can be achieved by operating the V300 Portable VSI Crusher at low speed and with an autogenous rock box. This can help remove soft, undesirable particles, while also reshaping the sharp angular material created by compression crushers. The result is high product yield of finished particles, which are typically more cubical and uniform than those of a cone crusher. With a maximum impeller R.P.M of 1300, depending on feed size and internal configuration, this tool boasts a high fracture percentage with gradation control that allows for variable reduction ratios and block-like product shape

The non-plugging crushing chamber can accept feed sizes up to a maximum feed of 4” / 100 mm at the longest dimension. The tool also has a maximum input capacity of 400 T.P.H., depending on feed size. Crushing can be a dirty job, amounting in a large volume of dust being released by the machine during each use. However, ACTECH’s Model V300 Portable VSI Crusher has optional dust control systems that can be fitted on the machine to lower the emission of particulate powders. This is especially useful in minimizing objectionable dust when the feed material is extremely dry or fine crushing is desired.

In addition to the features that come standard, the Model V300 Portable VSI Crusher is customizable to better meet the needs of each customer. Not only can this model be outfitted with a dust control system, but it can also be fitted with electric or diesel drives. Customers have options when it comes to the rotor/rock box and can choose between united or segmented anvils. The crusher can also be fitted with an optional jib crane if desired.

The catwalks and handrails around the crusher allow for ease of daily visual inspections, maintenance, and servicing. It’s recommended to perform daily visual inspections looking for oil leaks or excessive lubricant puddling. It is also important to ensure that material spillage is not making its way into the components under the machine and sabotaging lubrication.

A top to bottom inspection once a year, or after every 2000 hours of operation, is optimal. Service intervals will naturally be determined by the expertise of the operator, the specific application, and abrasiveness of the rock. It’s important to catch failing components before they fail to prevent additional damage and unexpected downtime.

With a two year manufacturer warranty, you can also rest assured that the service and support is there to take care of you should the need arise. With so many features, optional modifications and the perk of being easily transported, it’s easy to see why the Model V300 Portable VSI Crusher crushes the competition.

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