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If you were looking for advice on choosing a good cut of steak, you wouldn’t ask a vegetarian. If you wanted to train for a marathon, you wouldn’t ask a Sumo Wrestler to coach you. Likewise, if you wanted someone to help you pick out a used semi truck that’ll be with you for the long haul, you wouldn’t ask a used car salesman. When you need advice on an important decision, you go to an expert.

That’s why Tucson Trux & Equipment is Southern Arizona’s leader in the secondary truck market. Drew Harrison, the owner of Tucson Trux, has been in the trucking industry for over 20 years. Fresh out of high school, Drew got his commercial driver’s license (CDL) and started a career as a trucker. In 1995, Drew decided he wanted to get out from behind the wheel and start his own company. With the help of his brother, he opened Harrison Trucking, a freight shipping and trucking company based in Arizona. By 2000, Drew decided it was time to make another move and opened a repair shop. In 2008, he purchased Tucson Trux & Equipment and began selling used trucks and trailers.

Tucson Trucks is Southern Arizona’s Leader in the Secondary Truck Market.

Drew has experience in nearly all aspects of the trucking industry. He’s been behind the wheel as a driver, behind a desk as a fleet operator, and inside the truck as a repair shop owner. That multitude of experience in every facet of the trucking industry is what gives him the insider knowledge that sets him apart from the competition. With years of experience under his belt, customers can feel confident that the truck he recommends is the right truck for the job.

Tucson Trux strives to satisfy their customer’s needs, from dump trucks to flatbed and step deck trailers, Tucson Trux has a wide variety of previously owned inventory at unbeatable prices. With Drew’s background as a repair shop owner, he knows that sometimes a truck will need a little TLC before it’s road ready. Whether you need a part, a repair, or custom modifications for your truck, Tucson Trux has you covered.

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