John Deere 5GN & 5GV Tractor

Not all farms are created equally, that is why John Deere released a line of tractors made especially for the notoriously tight rows found in vineyards. The 5G Narrow series has a range of models, but most recently, John Deere released two new, updated versions: the 5GV and 5GN.

The 5G Series Tractors

The 5G Series Tractors build on the success of the 5EN Series to offer customers more choices for their specialty applications,” says Christopher Lammie, product manager, John Deere Augusta. “With two chassis widths for narrow (5GN)and vineyard (5GV) applications, the5G Series Tractors bring John Deere utility tractor performance into specialty row applications.

The 5GN model offers three different versions of the tractor with engines ranging from 75 to 100 horsepower, while the 5GV model offers two versions with engine horsepower ranging from 75 to 90. The engines themselves get an upgrade this time around, featuring a Tier 4 Final compliant engine.

The 5GN and 5GV have two available transmission options, the 12F/12R or, the 24F/12R, with Power Reverser. The new models boast an improved hydraulic system that uses flat-face fittings and revised pipe routings to make it as durable as possible. Both models also have an increased fuel capacity, and the 5GN has the option of adding on a 7.5-gallon auxiliary tank.

Models with 90 horsepower engines and higher are eligible for a big power upgrade with the option to equip the tractor with Intelligent Power Management, which increases the horsepower. Economy PTO comes standard in all 5G Series Tractors and reduces RPM by 15 percent, which in turn reduces the input cost for operators. A 5GN or 5GV tractor will also save you time as service intervals for the engine have increased 100 percent. While older models required servicing every 250 hours, the new models will be able to run for 500 hours before it’s time to take them in.

The tractor’s push button control allows the hitch to be steered hydraulically from side to side, which makes operating the rear-mounted implements in confined spaces a breeze. Each tractor’s three-point hitch maximum lift capacity is 5,710 Lbs, but with the enhanced rear lift capacity and additional lift cylinders, it can handle up to 6,834 Lbs. The operator is also able to manually adjust the implement to keep it level to the ground, making it an ideal machine to use when working on a slope.

So if you are looking for an effective tractor that was made with your crops in mind, look no further than 5G Series tractor from John Deere. With plenty of options to choose from and customizations available to make sure it suits your needs, a John Deere tractor is a sound investment for your vineyard.

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