Bobcat Toolcat 5600/5610

With the Toolcat™, you won’t waste time and effort jumping from one machine to the other. Bobcat offers dozens of compatible attachments for the Toolcat™ that can both maximize your production and your return on investment. The attachments are changed quickly and easily, enabling the operator to mow in the morning, remove downed trees in the afternoon, and even dig post holes in the evening. It’s easy to leverage the investment in different ways all year long. Depending on your seasonal needs, you can buy the Bobcat attachments you use the most, like a snow blower or sweeper, and rent others, like a chipper, for infrequent projects.

Bobcat has the cleanest, fastest, and most durable attachment changing system in the industry. They use pressure-relief couplers for easy hookup with hydraulically powered Bobcat attachments. Simply push the coupler inward and any oil trapped in the line will be released back into the machine. Additionally, with both the standard Bob-Tach™ and optional Power Bob-Tach™ mounting systems, you can change attachments in 60 seconds or less. With the optional Power Bob-Tach™ system you can replace a bucket with a landscape rake, tree boom, or pallet forks in less than a minute without leaving your seat. With the flip of a switch from the cab, the Power Bob-Tach™ mounting system engages the wedge-shaped wear compensating pins into the attachment you’re using. The system also keeps the levers in the locked position, using continuous charge pressure to ensure the attachment is secure. It’s fast, easy and you don’t need any tools. Bobcat invented this system over 35 years ago, and it comes standard on all Bobcat loaders. Simply put the machine into work mode to get the precise creeping movements you need, use the ergonomic joystick to line up with the attachment, lock the levers, and go.

Since its inception, the Toolcat™ has proved its usefulness in both building and grounds maintenance. It also shines as a strong working machines for the agricultural and landscaping industries. The Toolcat is often compared to compact utility tractors (CUTs) and skid steers, but its features make sure it stands in a class all its own. Whereas a skid steer may be able to lift higher and have better clearance and traction, it has less front-end weight than the Toolcat™. The maneuverability of the all-wheel steering also means the Toolcat™ can turn tight with minimal ground disturbance. When compared to a CUT, the Toolcat™ blows its competition out of the water with the ability to run numerous different hydraulic attachments in the front and category 1 implements in the back. You also have the option to add on a three point hitch and PTO to fully maximize its versatility.

In the comfortable Toolcat™ climate controlled cab that can easily carry two people, there’s no need to search for buttons or switches. Intuitive and ergonomic controls on the joystick allow you to operate attachments without having to look away from your work. Use the joystick to control all attachment functions, such as rotating a snow blower chute or adjusting the angle of a soil conditioner. The automatic dual direction detent also allows for continuous hydraulic flow to the attachments making it easier to use sweepers and tillers. Even the windshield wiper button is located on the joystick, so you can clear your view without stopping or looking away from the action.

You can also ease stress and strain on your back and neck because the Toolcat™ cab maximizes visibility for the operator, giving a full, easy view of all Bobcat attachments. This allows for more precise command and control over every job. The increased visibility and comfortable cab will reduce operator fatigue, thus increasing productivity.

The combination of power, utility and comfort make this one-of-a-kind machine well worth the investment, whether you’re plowing snow or planting trees. In an industry where efficiency is key, the Toolcat™ will quickly become your go-to machine, saving you time and money while decreasing the amount of effort needed for most tasks.

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